4 Tips to get the most out of your Staycation Year Round.

By now you have probably heard the term staycation. This vacation trend picked up popularity when the economy took a nose dive in 2008. Families suffering from economic despair, stuck at home due to high fuel prices and slow economy turned to vacationing in their own town. This trend provided so much enjoyment that it has stuck around through the economic up turn of present day. Not everyone’s plans for a staycation is centered around finance.  Staycation can be really meaningful way to connect to the city/cities around you, and some of those activities can be pricey. Making the most out of your staycation takes just as much thought and planning as a destination vacation, it simply is less tiresome and a little bit longer since you avoid travel.

To understand how to make the most of a staycation, you must first dissect a traditional vacation to see what elements make a Vacation! Applying these elements to a Staycation will make a worth the while vacation with year round capabilities and make it stand out from the typical summer time fun.

Finding things to do:

Weather you l14374-NPO7T7ive in Idaho, Florida, or Ohio, there is always a lot of history and adventure to be had in any stretch of US. Believe it or not there are people who travel to your city to make a vacation out of it. Most cities have museums and history centers that have wealth information, which can turn into an adventure of exploration both in the centers and beyond. Invite your family to be historians and visit some
of the places where local history happened. Too much like school? That’s ok, tap into your wild side and explore the outdoors, or find a theme park to let loose in. If you are not up to that speed you can always plan a leisure day to catch up at a spa or go to a local body of water and explore the uncharted eateries or go to the movies, or a show, on a rainy day.  This is also a great time to open your home to friends and families whom you may only get to see during major holidays, after all, this is you holiday at home.


Just like any well-planned vacation, staycation can benefit from an itinerary too. Take time before your vacation arrives to map out what you want to accomplish during your reserved time off.  As a local vacationer, you have an advantage over those who come from out of town to knowing the tricks about your city, like traffic complication and layout rewards. Like an ice cream truck in the corner of town that just so happens to be near the Local history museum but just far enough off the beaten path that the line is not bothersome and the wait, if there is one, is well worth your time. Or the waterfront, that only the locals know about, with more peace and quite than most well advertised tourist destinations.  So put somBook-06e though into it, and start planning. Here are some examples; maybe the reason for a staycation is to get some remolding done so you plan activities that keep you away from the house allowing the contractors to work while you entertain your family. Or perhaps you want to participate in the remolding in which case you find specific activities kids that engage the kids for long periods of time outside of the house. Either way tying logistics together will maximize the opportunities during your “you time”.

Setting up your surroundings

One of the nicest things about vacation in getting away from home.  While vacationing at home you can miss this luxury. Think about some of the best CLB LB 54 Game Table Set 1things about a home away from home vacation and determine how you can include those priciples in your Staycation. Is it the on site pool, or the Dartboard and Billiards table in the lounge, the shuffleboard deck outside, the concierge desk full of suggested outings, or the themed drinks in the bar? Incorporate whatever your favorite element is into your home and allow yourself to enjoy those amenities. Adjust fixtures around you house to include fresh flowers for the week of staycation, display themed


photos like the beach, the mountain, the cityscape, or the slopes. Add a new game room feature that can be used both inside and outside. Get a kiddy pool for the yard to soak in.

Too often today we are integrated with our technologies to the point where we are dependent on them. A Staycation can be the perfect excuse to unplug for a week. Instead of playing video games or watching TV during this down time, try playing a game of cards or a board game. Leave an away message on you email account and disconnect the notifications feature on your smart phone to allow time to smell the roses. Setting your Staycation up for success will make it so much more enjoyable and it is ok if a staycation addition becomes a permanent fixture in your home.

Just Say No

The most delightful part of any sort of “cation” is that you are free of any obligations. Use those vacation days and get paid to relax and enjoy your life. Apply this to the whole family and there is a recipe for memories to be made. Make sure you put time boundaries around your staycation. telephone-1561293With todays technologies it is very easy for work, or something like it, to follow you home. To prevent this, block out your staycation time just like you would a
destination vacation. By separating your planned summer activities from busy summer work, you can turn your Staycation into an enriching local experience. Making time for you and your family will keep you in control of how this time off is spent. If you are able, try to  plan a get together during this time to incorporate friends and family. After all, BBQ’s and corn roast are great for creating memories that last a life time and are some of the bests things about summer.


Most vacation are typically taken during the summer time, because schools are out. The nice thing about a staycation is that they can be taken at any time of year.  There is no predetermined time allocated as “most recommended”. Fall and winter staycations are just as fun as summer ones. And when you live in a vacation destination, like Orlando, where it’s always summery, then the staycation never ends. So live life to the fullest, no matter where you live, and always make time to play.

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