How to Play Darts

Darts is a very popular game with a long tradition of skill and practice.  The game’s origin is often fuzzy between battlefield skill building and a festival sport that evolved into the challenge that is today’s darts. Regardless of how this fun pastime developed, it is not going anywhere anytime soon, although the classic tavern game has advanced from the wooden or cork board ancestors that proceeded it to the new digital models that adorn game rooms and hall spaces. These modern dart boards have standard games preloaded into them. Knowing the rules and how to play darts will increase your chances of winning and hustling your friends.

What You Need to Play:

You need a dart board and 3 darts for each player. Players can share if necessary. Darts should match the board they are paired to play with. Metal-tipped darts should be paired with bristle or cork boards, as they will damage electronic dart boards. These metal-tipped darts often have customizable components, while their plastic siblings are cheaper and have a generic model. The plastic tips are easily damaged and fit appropriately into the holes of the electronic dart boards. Once you have these items you are ready to learn how to play darts, how to practice, how to win the games.

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Classic Dart Board Games:


This game is played by counting down from the corresponding number selected to play. The game counts down from either 301, 501, or 701. Each player starts with a score of the selected amount (ex., 301). Then each player takes turns throwing three darts and subtracts the total accumulated score from the selected starting until one player is down to zero. The challenge is being the first player to zero, because you must be to zero exactly not over or into the negative. Once the player over shoots the players turn is over. Point are at face value when in the large corresponding section of the number, points are doubled when the dart hits in the outer and larger thin ring of the board (9×2=18), and triple points are awarded when the dart hits the inner and smaller thin ring(9×3=27). If the player hits the bull’s-eye there are two possible point totals 25 for the out or larger ring in the bull’s-eye and 50 for the smallest point of the board.


Around the Clock-

This game incorporates more skill building then the previous game because the players have specific targets. Each Player gets 3 darts per turn. The players must hit the numbers on the board in numerical order starting with 1 then moving on to 2 once 1 is hit. The player can not move forward until the previous target is hit. There are no points in this game, it’s just a race to see who can finish the 1-20 first.



This classic game is more complex then the previous two games. The goal is to “close” each  “inning” and accumulate the most points. “Innings” are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and both the inner and outer bull’s eye. Like most dart games, each player gets three darts per turn. Innings are closed by hitting an inning three times. This could be utilized by hitting a single three times, hitting a single and a double, or hitting on a triple. Until an inning is closed by another player points can be accumulated by hitting additionally on an inning that they closed until the opposing player closes the inning, then no more points on be gained from that inning. Points are counted on face value but can be doubled or tripled if hit accordingly. For the bulls eye the outer bull is a single and the inner bull is a double, for both closing and point accumulation. In the event of a scoreless game the first player to close wins. However. if player A closes everything and player B has more points, play will continue until player A either makes up the point deficit or player B closes all the innings.

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Now that you know how to play darts you can practice playing these classics to build skills. These game not only build skill but also are enjoyable for players at all skill levels. So whether you are channeling the archers of Game of Thrones or an attendant at the world fair in the 1800s, playing dart can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your own game room or at your local dive bar. Once you have master these classics you can find more games here in the next few months.

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