700X Outdoor


700X Outdoor Table Tennis

Competition-standard rebound quality

With its 8mm-thick resin laminate playing surface, the 700X ping pong table lets you play like a pro without leaving your garden.  The thicker the panel, the better the bounce.  The 700X table offers unrivaled playing quality for an outdoor leisure table.

Anti-glare coating

To play at the top of your game, you need to make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded by glare. The MATTOP finish absorbs the intensity of the sun’s rays and reduces their glare tenfold compared with an uncoated table. The only thing that will leave you blinded is the superior quality of your forehand and backhand shots !

An XL frame to keep the panel straight

The frame is the metallic structure that supports your ping pong table’s playing surface. A deeper frame gives the playing surface the best level of support. The 700X frame, like those in all of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, is made of Aluzinc®, a corrosion-resistant alloy containing steel, aluminum and zinc, known for its extreme sturdiness. With a frame depth of 60mm, the 700X feels super solid.

Super durable materials

The 700X ping pong table’s solid core laminate tabletop is designed to withstand heavy rain and snow, extreme heat and major paddle impacts.  All of the metal parts used in the 700X ping pong table are selected for their resistance and receive an anti-corrosion coating.  Like all of Cornilleau’s outdoor tables, the 700X is guaranteed for up to 10 years

A unique locking system

The 700X ping pong table has a patented 16-point locking system for maximum safety, both while playing and when it’s in storage.  The 700X table can be opened and closed with ease using an accessible handle and, as an added safety measure, it automatically re-locks at a 65-degree angle if the handle is no longer held while to table is unfolding.

Cup holder

Nothing is better than having a refreshing drink at the ready while you’re playing ping pong, but the last thing you want is for your glass to be knocked over during the heat of the game.  In designing the fold-away cup holders for the 700X ping pong table, as with all of the storage features in our tables, our team drew inspiration from customer suggestions.

Swivel feet

Not all outdoor playing surfaces are on level ground, but your ping pong table needs to be flat to ensure a good game.  With swivel pads located on the bottom of its feet, the 700X ping pong table adapts to any type of surface.  Set up your table wherever you like – lawn, gravel, sand or soil – without compromising the quality of your game.




Colors of tops Black 113402
Playing surface Resin laminate 8mm
Coating MATTOP
Frame height 60mm/Aluzinc® painted black
Locking system DSI (16points)
Compact Technology Yes
Leg type / dimensions Tapered – 120~80 – 80mm / 4~3 – 3inches painted black
Adjustable leg pad 3D adjustable / diam.104mm / 4inches
Net type Retractable
Adjustable net Tension + Height
Wheel type Special outdoor double wheels (oversized)
Wheels (thickness x diameter) 32x200mm / 1.25x8inches
Brakes 4
Ball Storage Yes 6 balls
Racket storage Yes 4 paddles
Corner protection pads Yes
Additional features 2 point counter

2 storage compartments

2 retractable cup holders

2 ball dispensers

1 crossing handle

Category (EU Standards)  C class
Approval FFTT leisure
Table weight 89kg/196lbs
Packaged weight 102kg/225lbs
Warranty 10years + 20years repairable
Open table dimension (LxWxH) 274x167x76cm / 108x66x30inches
Folded table dimension 75x167x155cm / 30x66x61inches
Shipping & Delivery

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