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How to Play Darts

Darts is a very popular game with a long tradition of skill and practice.  The game’s origin is often fuzzy between battlefield skill building and a festival sport that evolved into the challenge that is today’s darts. Regardless of how this fun pastime developed, it is not going anywhere anytime soon, although the classic tavern […]

Great family gift ideas for all ages.

The holiday season is all about love, joy, laughter and memories being made and shared with family. Family, whether by blood or by bond, comes together to celebrate how they feel about each other and to share fellowship. Every family has their traditions – some passed down through generations and some born out of circumstance. […]

Top 3 Card Games for Kids

There is an old African proverb, which states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This saying reaffirms the notion that children have influences all around them on a daily basis. No matter how involved a parent may be in their child’s life, there will always exist external forces that leave lasting impressions on […]

4 Tips to get the most out of your Staycation Year Round.

By now you have probably heard the term staycation. This vacation trend picked up popularity when the economy took a nose dive in 2008. Families suffering from economic despair, stuck at home due to high fuel prices and slow economy turned to vacationing in their own town. This trend provided so much enjoyment that it […]

What makes a game room, a game room?

Everyone needs to unwind and have fun, not matter the age, life status, or gender of the individual. This unwinding can be enjoyed solo or with friends, but either way there are some essential elements of this process that are need unleash the fun. A game room is an ideal place for this relaxation to […]

Welcome to our blog section

We are so excited to introduce to our web site a blog section. We at Florida Game Rooms have been in the business of hosting a pleasant experience into the world of at home leisure for collectively over 100 years. Our team is made up of our family, and we take pride in bringing together […]